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Threat actors love to target communications & media companies. The business model for these organizations relies heavily on collecting customer data, payment processing data, advertising data, and more. If a threat actor is able to breach a communication & media organization, they will likely be able to collect data that can be used to conduct sophisticated attack reconnaissance or develop spear phishing campaigns against their customers. They could also collect personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card data that they can use for financial gain immediately.

With millions of users, thousands of clients, dozens of interconnected technologies and applications, and a vast infrastructure that is challenging to protect, these companies have numerous entry points for third-party attacks. The impact of successful attacks can be significant and far reaching. Business reputations can be ruined, stock prices can drop and the organization's ability to grow and succeed can be impeded. Legacy cybersecurity technologies were designed to defend the perimeter and endpoints, not the data the threat actors want to attain. Communications & media security teams need to establish data security practices to protect their most critical asset, their data. They must protect their reputations, revenue, and trustworthiness by defending their data.

The Communication & Media Industry Data Security Challenge: Protecting Customer and Proprietary Business Information

Compliance and Data Privacy

Communication & media companies collect massive volumes of data and operate across multiple jurisdictions and borders. It is a tremendous challenge for them to maintain pace and compliance with various evolving privacy law requirements – GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Vendor & Third-party Risk

Media & communication companies and their products combine mobile, network, hardware, software, and data storage capabilities. These create dependencies and a massive volume of data that needs to be stored and protected. Businesses, vendors, and customers are interconnected via APIs, portals, and, most importantly, data. If one customer or vendor experiences a breach, this might create a domino effect in which customer data, business data, vendor data, and mission critical data is exposed or stolen.

Customer Data Protection

It has been reported 69% of consumers would be less inclined to do business with a breached organization. Communication & media companies, business-to-business and business-to-consumer, collect customer data in droves. The sheer volume of customer data that is collected in the sales and marketing process, as well as user data that is generated throughout the life of the technology is tremendous. In order to protect customer data, technology companies need to know where it is stored, who has access to it, and what is being done with that data.

Data Security Best Practices with Cloud Adoption

  • Understand where customer data is stored, how it is accessed, and how it is used, so that proper access permissions can be enforced.
  • Gain visibility and effectively manage data security posture, e.g., detecting dormant data, while transitioning to hybrid cloud operations.
  • Sustain and maintain pace with evolving regulatory requirements (such as GDPR and CCPA) while differentiating services from competition.

Learn How Symmetry Systems DataGuard Can Help!

DataGuard is a data security posture management (DSPM) solution that extends the zero trust philosophy to hybrid cloud data stores.

DataGuard is a data security posture management (DSPM) solution that extends the zero trust philosophy to hybrid cloud data stores. Technology industry cybersecurity teams use DataGuard to develop a complete understanding of what data they have, where it is located, who has access to it, how it is secured and in what manner it has been used. DataGuard enables businesses with a single source of truth about their data security posture and associated data risks across AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise environments – without having data ever leaving their environment. 

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