Data Inventory and Data Flow Mapping

Visualize Data Inventory and Data Flows, Not just Boxes and Clouds

Accurate visibility is an essential component of organizational cybersecurity, especially as annual data compromise numbers continue to climb. Many organizations spend countless resources on tools and cloud technologies to build “Zero-Trust architectures” around their data, without putting any focus on the security of their data.

DataGuard takes an data-out approach to helping organizations understand their data, by visualizing the inventory and flows across your on-prem and hybrid clouds, of the most important part of your architecture—the data itself.

Learn how DSPM Can Offer Deep Visibility into your Data Inventory and Flows

Data Inventory and Flow Map graph

Security Starts—and Ends—with Data

Every cybersecurity professional knows that understanding what they are trying to protect must be their priority. This requires a holistic, big-picture view of the data that needs to be protected, understanding who (or what) has access, and maintaining awareness and control of what’s happening to it—in real time.

See Your Data Architecture and Protect It

Symmetry Systems DataGuard automatically classifies your sensitive data and uses graph-based data science to visualize  it in an understandable structure, so you can quickly comprehend the location and flow of  sensitive data and all data objects within your environment. Understand the lay of the land from a data perspective, not just the logical structure of the boxes and cloud environments that hold it.

Evidence-Based Analysis of the Security of Your Data

DataGuard’s end-to-end view of data across your on-premise and cloud data stores lets you see precisely where data is located (including in which geolocations) and which technologies or users can access the data, in what way. DataGuard validates that your security monitoring tools and technologies are configured to adequately monitor your hybrid-cloud environment based on the data they are collecting.

Other DataGuard Use Cases

Data inventory and data flow mapping are just one valuable use case for DataGuard DSPM. Learn more about the many other applications of our unique data-centric security solution.

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