Symmetry DataGuard & Amazon Web Services: Automate Security from the Data Out

Symmetry Systems DataGuard provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and AWS security services consulting firms with an automated solution that secures their data living in AWS, in every region, including GovCloud and regulated environments.

DataGuard is a data security posture management solution that allows organizations to drive security from the data out, rather than the security perimeter in.

DataGuard provides visibility into where sensitive data is located, regardless of region, account, or bucket, and visualizes the relationship between the data. By visually displaying data flow paths, customers are able to determine the IAM roles who access that data, what users and applications are assuming those roles, and what the exact operations they are doing to that data. Knowing who does which operations against which data is critical to understand how to move to least privilege operations, enforce Zero Trust, and simplify incident response.

Critical Operations for Zero Trust:

Who Is Doing What Operation Against What Data

Automate Reporting of Controls for AWS Well-Architected and Foundational Technical Reviews

With DataGuard’s built-in “Data Firewall Policies,” all violations of AWS best practices will automatically populate in the DataGuard compliance dashboards. This simplifies compliance with AWS best practices and automates much of the tedious work AWS teams and service partners generally have to complete.

DataGuard has also built-in compliance controls for SOC 2, FedRamp, GDPR, HIPAA, PII, and many other regulations, which are continuously updated and added to DataGuard on a continuous basis.

Deployment in AWS

Because Symmetry Systems is actively concerned about the security of your data, DataGuard is deployed in your own cloud and requires no access to the internet to operate. Using a sequestered AWS account in your own organization, none of the data or findings ever leave your control, and you can monitor all the activity of users of DataGuard.