Modern Data Security for AWSGain unparalleled data visibility and protection in Amazon Web Services (AWS) – including GovCloud.

Fast, Easy and SecureDeployment In your AWS Environment

Our preferred deployment model is within your cloud. Using a sequestered AWS account in your own organization, we ensure that none of the data or findings ever leaves your control. Best of all – all possible within minutes.

Symmetry and AWS

Symmetry Systems is an AWS Security ISV partner. Symmetry achieved AWS Security Competency Status for Data Protection. Symmetry is also a member of the sought after AWS Co-sell program, ISV Accelerate. We are both powered by AWS and integrate with several AWS Service. Best of all, Symmetry is available for convenient purchase in the AWS Marketplace.

Automate Compliance Reportingwith AWS Best Practice

With Symmetry’s built-in “Data Firewall Policies,” violations against AWS best practices, including AWS Well-Architected and Foundational Technical Reviews will automatically be flagged. This simplifies compliance with AWS best practices and automates much of the tedious work AWS teams and service partners generally have to complete.

See How We Comparewith Amazon Macie

With Symmetry, you get so much more than Amazon Macie. We help you identify and classify your data quicker and more effectively – providing you a holistic, big-picture view of the data that needs to be protected. But we also help you  understanding who (or what) has access, and what’s happening to it—in real time.

This gives you the full remit of modern data security capabilities:

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