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Energy, Oil, and Natural Gas

Defending the Energy Sector’s Most Vulnerable Assets

Energy, oil and natural gas organizations keep our modern world running. These organizations have access to large volumes of intellectual property, client and customer data, and other critical information. They can control the supply of energy, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, refineries, and other critical infrastructure.

Companies in this industry cannot have a purely reactive security program focused on defending the perimeter, they need to build a world-class cyber security program starting from data security and expanding out into all parts of their global footprint.

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Protecting an Expansive Threat Landscape

The energy sector is especially vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches, which pose enterprise-level risks throughout operations and particular vulnerabilities in generation, transmission, SCADA, EMS, and field supportThreat actors, nation-state sponsored hackers and cyber criminals are keenly aware of the benefits they might attain by breaching an energy, oil and natural gas businesses network, and collecting its data.

Utility Data Security Challenges

Compliance and Data Privacy
Attack Volume and Velocity
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Compliance and Data Privacy

Energy, oil and natural gas companies collect massive volumes of data and operate across multiple jurisdictions and borders. It is a tremendous challenge for them to maintain pace and compliance with various evolving privacy law requirements—GDPR, CCPA, and more.

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Attack Volume and Velocity

Ransomware attacks have been growing in volume and in effectiveness over the past few years. Ransomware by nature seeks to take control of data, and a lot of times organizations aren’t able to evaluate if the data is sensitive, protected, or mission critical. To properly evaluate the risk or or impact of ransomware attacks, energy, oil and natural gas organizations need to classify their data. They also need to have data security measures in place to make sure that ransomware actors cannot move laterally across cloud data stores, picking the data they consider worth holding for ransom.

Comprehensive Data Security with DataGuard

Energy, oil and natural gas industry cybersecurity teams use DataGuard to develop a complete understanding of what data they have, where it is located, who has access to it, how it is secured and in what manner it has been used.

With DataGuard DSPM, the energy, oil, and natural gas sector can:
  • Understand where data is stored, how it is accessed, and how it is used, so that proper access permissions can be enforced.
  • Gain visibility and effectively manage data security posture, e.g., detecting dormant data, while transitioning to hybrid cloud operations.
  • Sustain and maintain pace with evolving regulatory requirements (such as NERC, GDPR, etc.) while differentiating services from competition.
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Enforce Data Security Best Practices


  • Discover sensitive data, even where you didn’t know you had it
  • Understand who has access to which sensitive data in your on-premise and multi-cloud data stores

Visualize and Detect

  • View a data map to quickly identify violations of least privilege for data access to simplify zero trust strategies
  • Detect and control out-of-country data operations and maintain compliance with privacy regulations


  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure by reducing access to dormant data
  • Improve the security posture of your sensitive data and cloud data stores

Respond and Recover

  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure associated with cloud data stores
  • Reduce time to detect and remediate data security issues to minimize data breach cost
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DataGuard enables energy sector organizations with a single source of truth about their data security posture and associated data risks across AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise environments—without having data ever leaving their environment.

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