Zero-Trust Data Security

DataGuard DSPM Solves the ZTA for Data

At its core, Zero Trust is not a technology, but a philosophy on controlling access to information. But too many traditional security approaches and solutions labeled as Zero Trust still focus on perimeter-based security technologies, calling them “Zero Trust” but failing to reduce ‌implicit trust when providing access to sensitive data. Ultimately, if your goal is to protect your data, you should start your Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), by ensuring least-privilege at the data level.

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Start Zero Trust for the Data-Level

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Zero Trust in the Cloud

Deploying Zero Trust to cloud environments requires a data-centric approach to effectively monitor and manage the myriad of access configurations that span hybrid-cloud environments

Modern Organizations Face Increasing Risk

Successful management of data in cloud environments is drastically different from the traditional approach to managing on-premises databases. Organizations not only have to adapt to the ephemeral nature of the cloud, the complexity and scale of the applications, and the identities used, but also the scale of data created, processed, and stored daily. These increased levels of complexity can enable greater security at a finer granularity, but too often result in misconfigurations and non-configured controls that circumvent attempts at Zero Trust.

DataGuard Helps Organizations Implement and Maintain Zero Trust

Symmetry Systems DataGuard allows security teams to secure their data following Zero-Trust and least-privilege principles. With DataGuard, security teams can continuously monitor and adjust identity access management (IAM) policies on individual data objects at scale.

Other DataGuard Use Cases

Zero-Trust data security is just one valuable use case for DataGuard DSPM. Learn more about the many other applications of our unique data-centric security solution.

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