Ransomware Defense

Visibility and Control of Your Data Through Data Security

Data visibility and control are critical components of a robust ransomware strategy. While endpoint security and employee training are critical to ransomware defense, they can only go so far. Data security posture management (DSPM) contributes to a comprehensive and scalable ransomware defense strategy by providing critical visibility into your data stores, including which identities can access your data. With DSPM, you can detect anomalous data behavior using deterministic policies and machine learning-powered anomaly detection to quickly identify what data is at risk.


  • Who can access your data.
  • How that data is being used.
  • How much and what kind of sensitive data you have.
  • Where your data is located.

Symmetry DataGuard Helps Organizations Move Quickly Against Ransomware

Symmetry DataGuard is a leading-edge data security posture management platform (DSPM) that is a critical part of a robust ransomware strategy. Ensure security and resilience through data-centric visibility into and comprehensive management of your most sensitive data components. With Symmetry DataGuard, know immediately if anomalous identity or data behaviors are occurring that might signal a ransomware attack is underway.

Is data being moved to an unusual geolocation? DSPM can tell you. Learn how DSPM works and how it supports a complete ransomware defense strategy.

Symmetry DataGuard Helps You Be More Vigilant

Ransomware attackers are experts at identifying valuable data and using over-provisioned roles to access it. Symmetry DataGuard protects your modern data stack by giving you fine-grained visibility and control. Analyze data flows and achieve visibility down to the data-object level. Map permissions to ensure you maintain precision control. Symmetry enables automated response by monitoring for unusual access activity and preventing anomalous encryption operations.

Find out how Symmetry DataGuard helps defend against ransomware by providing actionable insight, visibility, and control into your data.

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Get Ahead of Ransomware Incidents

Phishing isn’t the only way ransomware attacks happen. Dormant identities, misconfigurations, and dormant data stores also enable threat actors to gain a foothold in systems. 

The ability to respond quickly and agilely to a potential ransomware threat is the single most important factor in preventing the business impact from a ransomware attack.

By pinpointing identifying key identity and access risk areas, anomalous identity access behaviors, unusual activity in sensitive data stores, and other prominent data security risks, Symmetry DataGuard enables you to prevent and immediately stop data store infiltration, as well as data exfiltration to thwart ransomware attacks.

Data Observability Removes Frustratingly Slow Forensics

When behavior synonymous with ransomware is detected, the scale of cloud instances, complexity of data permissions, and constant data migration can make investigations and forensics too time consuming, particularly when speed is of the essence.

But the data is the target of ransomware gangs, no matter where it is. That’s why taking a data-centric approach to monitoring and responding to anomalous behaviors and data threats consistent with ransomware attacks makes the most sense. If you know what you have (regardless of where it is) and how it is being used, you know how to secure and manage it.

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Other DataGuard Use Cases

Ransomware defense is just one of many valuable use case for DataGuard DSPM. Learn more about the many other applications of our unique data-centric security solution.

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