Data Detection and Response

Quickly Answer The Most Burning Data Questions During a Security Incident

Security operations, forensics, and incident response teams need fast answers for two basic questions when responding to or investigating an incident: has any data been accessed and by who?

Historically, getting that answer relied on specialist digital forensic and incident response providers who could take weeks to forensically comb through logs using a combination of forensic tools and deep cybersecurity expertise to piece together what happened down to the individual data objects. This can bog down response while precious moments tick away that allows attackers to do more damage.

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Take a Data-First Approach to Incident Response

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Getting Ahead of Incidents. Getting to the Bottom of Data Breaches.

Speed is of the essence when investigating a suspected data breach and notifying stakeholders once a breach is confirmed. While other tools are looking at the perimeter and other “locks” placed in front of your most precious asset—your data—Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard gives you a real-time picture of what is happening to the data itself.

Cloud Architecture Makes Forensics Fuzzy

Rapidly scaling cloud instances and constant data migration can make getting a handle on investigations and forensics a challenge. But the data is the data, no matter where it is. That’s why taking a data-centric approach to monitoring and responding to breaches makes sense. If you know what you have (regardless of where it is), you’re better able to detect abnormal behavior and jump into action if it is ever threatened.

DataGuard Helps Organizations Speed Up Response and Recovery

In the unfortunate circumstances that an attacker compromises a user’s account, DataGuard enables security teams to quickly understand and visualize the total data blast radius during an attack, and what data and how much of it a threat actor has obtained. Continuous alerts for anomalous data behaviors and data access allow security teams to stay ahead of evolving threats, minimize their impact, and stop threat actors before they can move laterally throughout the environment.

Other DataGuard Use Cases

Investigations and threat detection is just one valuable use case for DataGuard DSPM. Learn more about the many other applications of our unique data-centric security solution.

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