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Securing Data With Precision and Scale in Modern Enterprises

The recent migration to the cloud has opened up a new world for data storage and access—one that is supposed to enable businesses to move faster and more efficiently. But the lack of attention to Data Security Posture Management regularly hampers speed and efficiency. Without DSPM, businesses find themselves asking:

Where is my data? Who can touch it? What is happening to it? How do we make data security stronger?

DataGuard Data Security Posture Management empowers organizations to answer these questions and take advantage of Zero-Trust security at the data level.

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Security Begins and Ends with Data

Modern businesses make decisions based on data. Modern privacy legislation is focused on the security and privacy of data. Some businesses are built on data. And as businesses become increasingly digital and move to the cloud, securing that data is more important than ever. While the cloud offers many advantages with flexibility and scalability, it also presents new challenges for data protection.

One of the biggest challenges is the sheer volume of data that organizations need to protect. With the cloud, enterprises can generate and store vast amounts of data more easily than ever before. This data is often spread across multiple platforms and locations, making it more difficult to keep track of and protect.

DataGuard DSPM extends the Zero-Trust philosophy to your hybrid cloud data stores and develops a complete understanding of what data types you have, where it data is stored, who and what has access, and how it’s secured. Know in real time if your business data is a risk and protect it.

Agentless Scanning Technology

DataGuard’s agentless scanning creates an in-depth Data Access Graph, connecting ‌ identities to your data, allowing you to visualize data at risk, regardless of its location. Real-time monitoring detects deviations from policy, dangerous access combinations, or intrusions and enables you to respond—all the while, improving the security posture of your data.

Why DataGuard?

Data-Centric Risk Mapping

Create a complete risk map for your entire data landscape in AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premises—seamlessly.

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Simpler Security Stack

Reduce ‌technical debt and break team silos without struggling to correlate DAM, DLP, CIEM, and other security solutions.

Faster Time to Value

Deploy DataGuard in your cloud in under an hour and start providing your security, IT, and data teams with actionable insights.

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High-Fidelity Data Detection and Response

Eliminate noise and fine-tune your detection and response cycles, all while cutting down mean time to detect and respond (MTTD/MTTR) to data breaches.

See DataGuard in Action

Witness the benefit of fine-grained, data-centric security insights for yourself with a custom demonstration of the DataGuard platform. Contact us today and see your current data security posture in no time.

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Brian Castagna, CISO

“We found DataGuard a highly effective tool to collaborate with our DevOps team, and are placing data firewall policies into code that enable stronger data security and help with achievement of our compliance audits.”

One Platform to Unify Data Visibility

DataGuard DSPM enables data visibility across the full security and privacy spectrum.

Respond & Recover
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  • Identify data stores, data objects, data flows, data operations, identities, and roles across your hybrid cloud and on-premise environment.
  • Discover sensitive data, even where you didn’t know you had it.
  • Understand who has access to which sensitive data in your on-premises and multi-cloud data stores
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  • Lock down excessive and dormant access permissions and privileges to your data.
  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure by reducing access to dormant data.
  • Improve the security posture of your sensitive data and cloud data stores.
  • Evaluate and harden controls around your most valuable asset, your data, with continuous compliance checks.
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  • Identify and investigate anomalous behavior based on granular data operations.
  • Quickly identify violations of least privilege for data access to simplify Zero-Trust strategies.
  • Detect and control out-of-country data operations and maintain compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Provide executive visibility to cloud data sprawl, identity data lifecycles, Zero-Trust violations, and sensitive data access.
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  • Understand the data blast radius of compromised identities and other insider threats.
  • Contain the impact of compromised identities with precision.
  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure associated with cloud data stores.
  • Reduce time to detect and remediate data security issues to minimize data breach cost.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Organizations of all sizes use DataGuard DSPM to solve their hybrid-cloud visibility challenges.


DataGuard DSPM enables your operations to take full advantage of fine-grained data-object-level insights.

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DataGuard for Zero-Trust Assessments

Use DataGuard for your internal security and privacy program or enlist Symmetry Systems for your Zero-Trust Data Assessments, powered by DataGuard. Contact a Symmetry Systems representative today to get started.

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Fine-Grained Data Security Visibility

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