Digital Transformation

Maintain Speed and Achieve Modern Security with Fine-Grained Data Control

The move to the cloud hasn’t come without risks for businesses, particularly when companies move quickly without taking a data-centric view of the transformation. In the race to the cloud, organizations invariably fracture their data across cloud service providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, or across their own hybrid-cloud infrastructures. To get an understanding of potential data sprawl, security teams need to deploy a “data first” security approach that is aided by Zero-Trust fundamentals DataGuard’s data security posture management (DSPM) solution makes a strategic approach to digital transformation possible.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation and Maintain Zero Trust

Data abstraction with list of use groups

Zero Trust in the Cloud

When acquiring and moving data to on-demand cloud computing platforms, and particularly when utilizing third parties, organizations need to continuously ask themselves three core questions:

  • Where is our data and what do we have?
  • Who and what has access to the data?
  • How and where is our data being used?

Digital Transformation Requires a Data Centric Perspective

When moving your data outside the traditional perimeter, you open up doors to a mountain of cybersecurity challenges that cannot be met by your existing cybersecurity practices, especially in how access to data is managed. A DSPM solution can make the transition to the cloud and other digital migrations easier.

DataGuard Helps Organizations Move Quickly

Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard can classify all of your cloud-hosted data from day one and group it in based on usage, environment, and other factors. Cloud security teams can then visualize all data objects across cloud data stores to see precisely where they are located and what technologies or users can access the data, and in what way. This helps organizations ensure that no data is exposed in transition or lost in translation.

Other DataGuard Use Cases

Digital transformation is just one valuable use case for DataGuard DSPM. Learn more about the many other applications of our unique data-centric security solution.

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