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Secure the World’s Data Together.

Build, scale and grow your business with the pioneers of modern data security.

Why Partner with Symmetry?

Symmetry partners with leading managed security service providers, solution partners, consultants, and auditors worldwide, to help customers instantly & accurately identify, inventory, classify & safeguard your data across your on-premise, AWS, GCP & Azure data stores without the noise of false positives, or higher cost solutions.

Drive Growth

Expand your offerings into emerging areas of data security, leveraging data security posture assessments and data protection services.

Scale Go-To-Market

Leverage Symmetry Support and GTM capabilities to address multiple customer needs and across all industry verticals.

Unlock Efficiency

Automate data collection processes and analysis using AI / ML capabilities to reduce demands on your scarce resources.

The Symmetry Difference

Our technology is one of a kind, with the ability to answer essential questions across a combination of three axes.

Hear From Our Partners

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Use Cases

Our cutting-edge technology and innovative insight into the challenges of protecting data at scale, provides our customers  with a holistic but flexible approach to data protection, enabling focus on the use cases that matter most to them.

Data Inventory

Gain comprehensive insights into your data by location, sensitivity, environment and more.

Ransomware Defense

Fortify your data against ransomware threats, detect attacks early, and respond swiftly to minimize damage.

Data + AI Security

Ensure your GenAI adoption doesn't accidently surface any sensitive data by proactively remediating overlooked access controls and other GenAI vulnerabilities

Zero Trust for Data

Secure data following CISA and DOD’s Zero-Trust model with a focus on the data pillar. Continuously monitor and adjust identity access management (IAM) policies on individual data objects at scale.

Data Compliance & Governance

Reinforce data privacy, data residency and security requirements in regulations and standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and others.

Accelerated Cloud Transformation

Get visibility of your data before migrating to the cloud, and maintain control to speed migration, optimize performance, and maximize the benefits of cloud adoption while minimizing security risks.

Lets Talk Partnership

Learn how we can work together.
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