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Regardless of industry, data lies at the heart of every organization’s operations. It’s how they understand their markets and customers, how they make decisions, and how they deliver on their corporate missions. DataGuard, our data security posture management solution, is designed to anticipate and address the data security needs of your businesses and allow you to take control of their cloud data security.

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Mitigate insider threats and third-party vendor risks through detection and rapid response.

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Minimize data risks and exposure with visibility into the enterprise data across cloud environments.

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Gain visibility and effectively manage data security posture in any context of operations.

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Sustain and maintain pace with evolving regulatory requirements including GDPR and CCPA.

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Automate data management and security tasks on a single console for the hybrid cloud.

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Understand where customer data is stored and how it is used so proper permissions can be enforced.

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Execute Cloud First directive per Federal and DoD Data Strategy while satisfying DCCOI requirements.

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Sustain and maintain pace with evolving privacy and regulatory requirements such as NERC and GDPR.

Not Seeing Your Industry Here?

Not to worry, DataGuard’s unique Zero-Trust DSPM solution supports data-driven organizations of all types.
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