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About Symmetry

Symmetry is the Data+AI Security company. Our platform is engineered specifically to address modern data security and privacy challenges at scale from the data out, providing organizations the ability to innovate with confidence.  

Our Vision: Unprecedented Data Transparency

We believe that Respect for Data is the cornerstone of progress. In an increasingly AI-powered digital world, Data should be treated with the respect it deserves, and that starts with privacy and security. Not just security of the infrastructure on which that is stored, but into every permission and operation performed on that data. Only with this fine grained visibility and control, can organizations innovate with confidence and avoid trampling over individual’s privacy and data rights.

Our Mission: Safeguarding the World’s Data

To protect the World’s data at Scale by empowering our Customers with the complete Data+AI Security toolkit that provides total visibility into what data you have, and control of where it lives, who can access it, and how it’s being used.

Innovation Sparks at UT Austin’s Spark Lab.

  • January 2019

Our co-founders, Casen Hunger and Dr. Mohit Tiwari, first met at the award-winning Spark Research Lab at UT Austin. Amongst other research, they were studying how to build a system stack where users control their data even when they use untrusted applications on untrusted data centers, thereby preserving privacy and the most valuable asset of all – data. The results were compelling enough to drive a brand new approach to data security that became Symmetry.

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Seeds Get Planted with $3M Seed Investment in DSOS.

  • August 2020

We raised $3 million in seed funding from ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital in August 2020 to launch their innovative Data Store and Object Security (DSOS) solution called Symmetry DataGuard. The funding was driven by feedback from security experts who saw the need for Symmetry's granular data visibility and access controls across all data stores. This allowed Symmetry to develop their transformative product, which was already being piloted by major organizations, and bring it to market.

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$15M Series A Announced

  • June 2021

We raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by existing investors Prefix Capital and ForgePoint Capital. The round also included Accenture Ventures and industry leaders as new investors. This funding enabled Us to start scaling our innovative Data Store and Object Security (DSOS) solution called DataGuard, which provided unified visibility and control over data assets across hybrid cloud environments..

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Symmetry becomes One of the Cool Kids.

  • April 2022

We were named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the April 2022 Cool Vendors for Data Security report. This prestigious industry recognition highlighted Symmetry's innovation in this space, but also codified a new category known as Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) with Symmetry the only vendor recognized in this space at the time.

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$17.7M Series B Announced

  • June 2023

We raised an additional $17.7 million from investors including ForgePoint, Prefix, W11, and channel partner TSG. The funding was used to further scale our Data+AI Security platform providing visibility and control over data flows and access across hybrid clouds. As data becomes critical for AI/ML and cloud migration, our existing investors doubled down on Symmetry's innovative approach to securing organizations' valuable data assets.

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Data+AI Security Product line for Enterprise Gen AI including Microsoft Copilot

  • March 2024

We launched a new Data+AI Security product line to enable secure enterprise adoption of generative AI like Microsoft Copilot. The offerings provide visibility into an organization's data landscape and AI model usage, while applying controls to secure data access for AI agents. Key capabilities include a Gen AI inventory to detect AI/LLM deployments and assess related data risks.

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Get Started with Symmetry

  • Today

Seize the opportunity to safeguard your organization's valuable information with Symmetry. Request a demo now and witness how we can revolutionize your approach to data protection.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team of seasoned cyber security experts come from various backgrounds such as academia, industry…

1572911190951 1 (1)
Casen Hunger
Co-Founder, CTO
1572911190951 1
Mohit Tiwari
Co-Founder, CEO
1572911190951 1 (3)
Claude Mandy
Chief Evangelist
Puneet Tiwari
Co-Founder, Product Architect

Our Board

Our board is composed of some of the most capable and intelligent this industry has seen.

1572911190951 1 (1)
Casen Hunger
Co-Founder, CTO
1572911190951 1
Mohit Tiwari
Co-Founder, CEO
Byron Alsberg
Prefix Capital
64bf4cb8b95ced823639fc8e_Jon Gelsey Headshot (linkedin)
Jon Gelsey
Co-Founder & CTO (Auth0)
Leo Casusol
Forgepoint Capital

World Class Backing

Industry Recognition

Symmetry in the News

Symmetry Systems Celebrates Success of Data + AI Security Channel Program

Symmetry Systems Unveils State of Data+AI Security: Dormant data growing 5X Year on Year, while 1/4 of Identities haven’t accessed Any Data in over 90 days.

Join Our Team

Our team of seasoned cyber security experts come from various backgrounds such as academia, industry…

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