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Unprecedented Data Transparency

Build, scale and grow your business with the pioneers of modern data security.

Industry Recognition

Purpose Built to Secure Data at Scale

Flexible Deployment Model

Our deployment model is tailored to your operational needs and risk appetite. Whether it’s air-gapped, fully in your cloud, traditional SaaS, or hybrid-cloud – we have done it.

Bit to Yottabyte Scale

Our proven ability to scale with your business and data needs extends to analyzing petabytes of data in billions of data objects with millions of permissions and trillions of operations.

Cloud & On-Prem Coverage

We have pre-built connectors with dozens of AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure services, cloud storage services and on-premises databases, including Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Hadoop, SQL Server, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Google BigQuery, MySQL, Postgres, and more.

Structured & Unstructured Data

Symmetry excels in both structured and unstructured data, offering unparalleled protection. For structured data, it navigates databases and warehouses with precision, while for unstructured data, it efficiently analyzes files, images and documents across modern object storage platforms.

Agentless Scanning

Our Agentless scanning assists you in the identification process of actionable data security posture issues without the need for installed agents, internet connectivity, or any effect on your data store performance.

Security Compliant

Symmetry meets the highest standards of security and compliance – Yours. It has also been certified SOC 2 compliant, and has been deployed within FedRamp and PCI certified environments.

Beyond Classification

It isn’t enough to simply know what sensitive data you have, you need to drive outcomes. Only by understanding the permissions and operations being performed on the data, can you improve your Security Posture. That’s what we refer to as the Symmetry difference.

The Symmetry Difference

Our technology is one of a kind, with the ability to answer essential questions across a combination of three axes.

Delivering Real Outcomes

Our platform allows our customers to identify and remediate issues within hours of installation.

Sensitive Data Scan​

Sensitive Data Scan​

"We identified and remediated PHI in call transcripts, PII in application logs & SSNs in staging env."​

Third Party Access Risk​

Third Party Access Risk​

"We removed privileges from our vendors. Vendors with access to delete most of our cloud, including disaster recovery envs."​

IP Theft Detection​

IP Theft Detection​

"We identified a Foreign Tor exit node was accessing a critical company - IP backup directly and could respond immediately."​

AI.ML Training Security​

AI/ML Training Security​

"We found that our LLM training data mixes PHI with explicit pornographic material."​

Access Malpractice Detection​

Access Malpractice Detection​

"Symmetry pointed out our head of Data Analytics had setup/shared credentials for app-service-role with colleagues."​

Least Privilege Access​

Least Privilege Access​

"Symmetry pinpointed a Contractor with admin role that was only using 20/10,000 (0.2%) permissions."​

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Customer Case Studies

Seven Bridges

Why Customers Choose Symmetry

Across-the-Board Protection
Unmatched data security in cloud, on-prem, and hybrid setups.


Real-Time Data Detection and Response
AI-driven analytics for proactive data detection and response out of the box.


Precision Identity and Entitlement Management
Detailed fine grained insights on each and every data object for tailored data protection strategies.

Low System Impact
Agentless monitoring for unintrusive, high-performance security.


Quick and Scalable
Easy deployment and scalable protection that grows with you.


Efficient data sampling and classification
Balances completeness, accuracy, cost and speed of data sampling and classification to accelerate protection.

Cost Savings
Consolidates disparate security tools (Cloud DLP, DAG, CIEM and more) for lower overall costs.


Compliance Simplified
Streamlines regulatory compliance, avoiding penalties.


Predictable Total Cost of Ownership
Transparent pricing and operational efficiency ensure cost predictability for budgeting and long-term planning

Hear it from Our Customers

Our Customers Love Us. Read verbatim comments from our customers on what they love about us, from the technology and deployment model to the peace of mind we provide.

See Symmetry In Action

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