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5 Cloud Data Security Solutions For Modern Enterprises

In 2020, worldwide public cloud spend was a staggering $270 billion. By 2022, Gartner estimates that number will jump by almost 50% to just under $400 billion. The cloud’s many advantages — from flexibility to ease of access — have driven its rapid adoption. But for that adoption to realize its full potential, security teams’ adaptation to the unique challenges posed by cloud environments must keep pace. To help security professionals stay on top of these demands, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key cloud data security solutions now available on the market.

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5 Cloud Data Security Solutions

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection helps security teams ensure that the data companies share with outside parties remains protected. Azure Information Protection allows organizations to classify their data — emails, documents, etc. — by sensitivity and then apply persistent labels and permissions to limit access to that data regardless of its location. In addition, the solution also provides security teams with comprehensive tracking and ongoing data control. This means that organizations retain total visibility into data assets no matter when they were shared and can edit or revoke access at any point. Finally, Azure Information Protection gives users total flexibility over encryption key management, including options like bring your own key (BYOK) and hold your own key (HYOK). 

Check Point CloudGuard for Cloud Network Security 

CloudGuard for Cloud Network Security enables security teams to have advanced threat prevention, automated cloud network security, and unified security management across cloud infrastructure. With a top-of-the-line catch rate, the solution’s advanced threat prevention features include application control, IPsec VPN, DLP, IPS, firewall, antivirus, and antibot. CloudGuard’s automated cloud network security ensures rapid deployment, network security policies and operations roll out smoothly, and optimal cloud design. Extending across all cloud environments, its unified security management capabilities consolidate control via a single console command center, enable the easy extension of the on-premises security posture, and compile all contextual cloud configuration data. The number two cloud data security solution according to G2, CloudGuard is one of the most respected tools in the space. 

Symmetry DataGuard

DataGuard by Symmetry Systems is a hybrid-cloud data security platform in the emerging data store and object security (DSOS) space. DSOS provides comprehensive visibility, vulnerability detection, and alerting across on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud data stores. A top DSOS solution, DataGuard gives security teams direct line of sight into every data flow and store in an organization’s IT infrastructure via deep data architecture mapping, permissioning unification, and machine-learning powered analysis. This allows security teams to understand their entire data landscape, find and address weaknesses, detect breaches, and minimize the blast radius after a compromise has occurred. For security teams that want to achieve true data visibility regardless of location, DataGuard is the best solution on the market. If you’re interested in a demo of DataGuard, reach out

Druva Phoenix

Druva Phoenix is a cloud-based data center backup solution designed to help businesses in the process of transitioning their data assets and tools to the cloud. Simple and scalable, Druva Phoenix provides low overhead data backup, disaster recovery, and long-term data retention. The service covers cloud-native environments like Microsoft 365 and Slack, databases like Oracle and MS-SQL, virtual environments like VMware and Hyper-V, and physical servers like Linux and Windows. When it comes to encryption, Druva Phoenix protects data at rest with hyper-secure, 256-bit AES encryption and data in transit with TLS 1.2 encryption. With 4.4 out of five stars on G2 as of this writing, it’s one of the best cloud data security solutions available.

Duo Security

Duo Security is a cloud-based Trusted Access platform that helps organizations ensure that their data, devices, and applications stay secure at scale. The platform uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to vet users before granting access, continuous monitoring to establish device trust, granular and contextual access policies to limit data exposure, and single sign-on (SSO) to minimize the threat of credential theft. Duo Security also can provide secure remote access for cloud and on-premises environments without a VPN or an agent. Owned by Cisco, a Forester-recognized leader in Zero Trust, Duo is considered by many in the space to be a world-class access solution.

Taking Your Cloud Data Security to the Next Level

From disaster recovery to advanced threat protection, the solutions we’ve covered in this article cover a wide range of cloud data security concerns. While many security teams have most of these bases covered, few organizations have a solution in place that gives them a handle on the entire cloud and hybrid cloud data store landscape.

DataGuard provides a detailed mapping of every data store and flow across your entire infrastructure, uncovering vulnerabilities, alerting your team of potential issues, and enabling rapid response to mitigate the impact of a compromise. Interested? Contact us. We’d love to set you up with a demo.

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