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Symmetry Systems Launches Data+AI Security Product line for Enterprise Gen AI including Microsoft Copilot

Symmetry’s industry-leading Data+AI security capabilities will help modern organizations adopt Gen AI safely and provide a one-stop Data+AI security solution

Symmetry Systems, a modern data+AI security company, today announced the launch of Symmetry for Enterprise Gen AI product line, leveraging a new, industry-leading Gen AI inventory feature, aimed at ensuring the safe adoption of Gen AI technologies, particularly Microsoft Copilot within modern organizations. Together, this product line helps organizations prepare their data estate to be indexed securely by AI agents like Copilot. It offers businesses a holistic view of their data exposure through AI agents and provides a one-stop data+AI security solution for not only Copilot deployments, but a wide array of Gen AI technologies.

“The rapid adoption of AI in the workplace, with a significant increase in businesses integrating AI tools like Microsoft Copilot for productivity, highlights a burgeoning market – and the ease of enabling Copilot makes it deceptively easy. However, this comes with the challenge of ensuring data security. Something that we and our customers take seriously. ” said Dr. Mohit Tiwari, CEO of Symmetry Systems.

The Symmetry for Enterprise Gen AI product line is a new set of products, services and features purpose built to ensure intellectual property, personal information and other sensitive data within Microsoft 365 and other Gen AI technologies is not inadvertently exposed through the integration into your organization’s working environment. Unlike generic data security solutions, this detailed readiness and data security analysis specifically identifies pre-existing issues related to Gen AI integration, and offers a targeted approach to identifying and mitigating risks associated with enabling Microsoft Copilot and other AI agents. This specificity, combined with a fast setup and comprehensive reporting, makes it a first-of-its-kind service tailored to the emerging challenges of AI in the workplace.  “Symmetry’s solution zeroes in on the critical challenge organizations face with adoption of AI Agents: the longstanding, overlooked exposure of vast quantities of sensitive data through platforms like OneDrive and SharePoint.”  said Claude Mandy, Chief Evangelist at Symmetry. “By proactively addressing the security risks tied to this data, Symmetry enables faster AI adoption with security at the forefront,” said the former Gartner analyst and Financial Services CISO.

Symmetry Systems’ new Gen AI inventory feature enables organizations to precisely identify and assess the usage of various generative AI models, including but not limited to LLaMA, LLaMA2, Falcon, OpenAI, ChatGPT, Haystack, Hugging Face, LangChain, LlamaIndex, Mistral, Mixtral, Pinecone, Weaviate, Chroma, PGVector, and FAISS. This expansive inventory ensures that businesses can comprehensively understand their AI landscape and secure their deployments against potential vulnerabilities. 

With these new features, organizations can now ensure that their use of emerging and diverse AI models is not only optimized for productivity but also secured against data breaches and poisoning of the data models, setting a new standard in responsible AI deployment. “AI agents like Copilot represent a force of nature in the technology landscape. Enterprises cannot afford to ignore it,” said Dr. Anand Singh, Global CISO and an expert on cybersecurity implications in regulated verticals of Healthcare and Finance. “Symmetry’s new Gen AI product line helps organizations navigate this terrain wisely by understanding the nature of data integrated into shared AI models and ensuring robust safeguards against poisoning of the models,” said Dr Singh.

To see Symmetry’s Data+AI Security Product line for Enterprise Gen AI in action, request your own copilot readiness assessment to get started.   To learn more about Symmetry Systems, please visit or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Symmetry Systems

Symmetry Systems is the industry’s leading data+AI security platform engineered specifically for modern data security and privacy challenges. Symmetry safeguards your organization’s data at scale from misuse, insider threats, and cybercriminals, as well as unintended exposure of sensitive IP and personal information through use of generative AI technologies. Symmetry’s AI powered platform is built to operate within a diverse range of hybrid cloud environments from Azure, GCP, and AWS, to Snowflake and even on-premise databases and data lakes.  That’s why leading Fortune 50 manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services companies, federal agencies and other innovators across every industry rely on Symmetry to protect their most important data. 

Powered by world-class AI, Symmetry enhances visibility into potential data risks from excessive permissions, unusual data movements, dormant data, dormant identities and more. Symmetry provides organizations the evidence and actionable insight required to demonstrate compliance, accelerate remediation, and deliver great security outcomes. Our customers love how easily we identify ways to quantitatively reduce their attack surface and data blast radius, whether it’s identifying and remediating a third party vendor with access to sensitive data or enabling a Fortune 100 organization to reduce their attack surface and blast radius by safely deleting over 25% cloud assets without any business impact.

Born from the award-winning Spark Research Lab at UT Austin, Symmetry is backed by leading security investors ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital with participation from Accenture Ventures, W11 Capital Management and TSG (The Syndicate Group). Symmetry is proud to have been recognized as a “Cool Vendor in Data Security” by Gartner, and achieve AWS Security Competency in Data Protection. Learn more about how Symmetry Systems can enable you to bring “symmetry” to the asymmetry between cyber attacks and defense. Innovate with confidence with Symmetry. 

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