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Pioneering DSPM deployment in high assurance environments sets new standard for comprehensive data protection

Symmetry Systems,, the data+AI security company, today announced the successful deployment of its industry-leading Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution in a completely air-gapped environment. This groundbreaking achievement demonstrates Symmetry’s ability to deliver robust data security capabilities even in the most restrictive and sensitive IT infrastructures, without relying on external connectivity or access to the air-gapped environment.

Air-gapped environments, which are completely isolated from external networks, present unique and formidable challenges for deploying and operating security solutions. Traditional DSPM offerings, often delivered as SaaS or relying on external connectivity, are ill-suited for these highly secure settings where data custody and compliance are paramount. Deploying comprehensive data security in such restricted environments has long been considered one of the most daunting challenges facing enterprises operating in the most sensitive sectors.

“Organizations use Symmetry where data is critical to their mission – it is an honor to bring modern data security to high assurance environments that have to stand up to nation-state attackers. Symmetry is grateful to cloud-native computing foundation technologies that enable our work,” said Dr. Mohit Tiwari, CEO of Symmetry Systems.

Symmetry’s customer-native DSPM approach embeds the solution entirely within the customer’s own cloud environment or on-premises infrastructure – where an air-gapped deployment does not allow for “Outpost” deployments that send critically secret “metadata” back to vendors’ servers. By inheriting all compliance controls such as endpoint inventory and detection tools, and eliminating the need for data ingress/egress from the environment, Symmetry’s solution ensures that no data ever leaves the trusted confines of the organization’s infrastructure nor does any external party access the system – addressing stringent compliance requirements and mitigating the risk of data exposure.

Key features of Symmetry’s air-gapped DSPM deployment include:

  • Ease of Integration and Value within hours of deployment: Infrastructure as code templates that inherit all security and compliance controls, and integrations with existing telemetry and security operations tools.
  • Air-Gapped Data Discovery and Classification: Comprehensive, agent-less data discovery that maps and classifies sensitive assets without relying on external communication or services.
  • Comprehensive identity and entitlements analysis: connecting identity insight from identity providers, through cloud permissions and data store entitlements, to fine-grained data objects and data types (such as CUI, FCI, PCI, PII, and other custom classified data).
  • Continuous Data Activity Monitoring: Anomaly detection identifies insider threats, third-party risks, and dormant/offboarded users’ with ongoing permissions to or operations on sensitive data.
  • Automated Posture Assessment and Findings: Immediate visibility into current state of data encryption, access controls, and audit logging to safeguard data against unauthorized access or misuse, combined with Intelligent, policy-driven alerting on security risks and vulnerabilities, without the need for external and manual assessment.

Zero Trust is rooted in data and identity. This milestone deployment showcases Symmetry’s ability to deliver innovative data security solutions that address the unique challenges faced by government agencies operating in the most secure, air-gapped environments,” said Tyler Bodell, Director of Federal Products and Services at Symmetry. “As government agencies continue to adopt transformative technologies to support their broader mission, Symmetry is proud to be at the forefront of ensuring zero trust through comprehensive data security and compliance.”

To learn more about Symmetry’s customer-native DSPM solution for air-gapped environments, or to request a demo, please visit or follow us on X, Facebook or LinkedIn.

About Symmetry Systems

Symmetry Systems is the Data+AI Security company. Our platform is engineered specifically to address modern data security and privacy challenges at scale from the data out, providing organizations the ability to innovate with confidence. With total visibility into what data you have, where it lives, who can access it, and how it’s being used, Symmetry safeguards your organization’s data from misuse, insider threats, and cybercriminals, as well as unintended exposure of sensitive IP and personal information through use of generative AI technologies. 

Symmetry works with structured and unstructured data in all major clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure), SaaS storage services (e.g. OneDrive), and on-premise databases and data lakes.  It is deployable in the most strictly regulated environments; as a read-only service, it inherits all your security and compliance controls (e.g. FedRamp). That’s why the most innovative Fortune 50 financial service providers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and federal agencies rely on Symmetry to protect their crown jewel data.

Powered by best-in-class AI, Symmetry provides organizations with the necessary toolkit to minimize data posture risks, demonstrate compliance, and react to threats and policy violations in real time.  Symmetry solves challenging problems for customers with ease, ranging from classifying custom data types, reducing data blast radius and attack surface, detecting ransomware attacks, enforcing least-privilege access, and more.

Born from the award-winning and DARPA funded Spark Research Lab at UT Austin, Symmetry is backed by leading security investors like ForgePoint, Prefix Capital, and others. Symmetry is proud to be the only vendor of its kind to be both recognized as a “Cool Vendor in Data Security” by Gartner, and achieve AWS Security Competency in Data Protection.

Innovate with confidence with Symmetry.

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Claude Mandy
Symmetry Systems
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