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Blast Radius Webinar – August 4th 2022

The Blast Radius is defined as the amount of damage that any single incident could cause. In cloud computing, determining and containing the data blast radius is particularly difficult because it requires a complex analysis of all data locations and data types, correlation with identities both direct and derived, and an understanding of anomalous user behavior. The sheer volume of sensitive data objects, permissions and data operations make this a very complex engineering problem.

Listen to some thought leaders discuss the Data Blast Radius; how to determine and contain it before, during and after an incident.

  • Srinath Kuruvadi, Head of Cloud Security, Netflix
  • Chris Castaldo, CISO, Crossbeam and Author of Start-Up Secure
  • Dr. Mohit Tiwari, CEO and Co-Founder, Symmetry Systems
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