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The Market Leading DSPM Platform

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is a modern data-centric security solution that provides organizations with a direct line of sight into all their data, a set of recommended next steps to reduce cybersecurity and compliance risk, and an ongoing detection and response service.

Symmetry Named 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in DSPM

“Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard is best described with the term “data security posture management. Where traditional data security vendor products are focused on monitoring data loss at the perimeter of their cloud, Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard secures data as it moves about within the organization’s cloud, and can be deployed for on-premises or cloud workloads.  Symmetry Systems is bridging the gap between data security and identity and access management for multicloud architectures.”

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Symmetry Systems DataGuard

Symmetry Systems DataGuard provides a modern approach to your organization’s Data Security Posture Management, arming security, compliance, and cloud teams with tools to protect your crown jewel–enterprise data–across hybrid cloud environments. With DataGuard, you can gain full visibility into the data security posture in under an hour and effectively identify risks from excessive permissions and anomalous data flows–all without having your data leaving the premises.

Hybrid Security Data Platform


Perform an agentless scan of all data across AWS, Azure, GCP, and your on-prem cloud–for a real-time snapshot or historical comparisons. DataGuard helps Compliance and Cloud Migration teams identify sensitive data and where it resides. Getting compliant with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, etc. is simplified.



Gain visibility into the entire data landscape with a complete risk map–no need to deal with insights from DAM, DLP, CIEM, etc. individually. DataGuard surfaces sensitive, dormant, over-privileged data objects and anomalous data flow for Cloud Security and Security Operations teams to address.


Drill down on unsafe data access and risky operations detected by Data Firewall and alert on violations and potential data breaches. DataGuard enables Security Operations teams to prioritize sensitive data.   




Deploy least privilege permissions on IAM, cloud accounts, and data store access policies. Cloud Security teams can adopt Data Firewall recommendations to tighten access control to reduce blast radius of exploited identities.

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Start today to uncover data at risk and over-privileged users. Dataguard is straightforward to install  - Saas in your cloud - and quickly provides security teams with powerful insights.

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