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Symmetry Systems DataGuard

Symmetry Systems DataGuard is a data security posture management (DSPM) solution that extends the Zero Trust philosophy to hybrid cloud data stores. Modern security teams use DataGuard to develop a complete understanding of what data types they have and what data objects they are located in, where the data is stored, who and what is entitled to it, how it is secured, and in what manner it has been accessed.

Secure Your Business From the Data Out

DataGuard enables businesses with a single source of truth about their data security posture and associated data risks across AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise environments – without having data ever leave the customer’s environment. 

The cybersecurity industry is saturated with security solutions that focus on building defense in depth beginning at the perimeter and working toward the data. DataGuard builds security from the data out, directly addresses data objects and examines the cross-section of identity, data store, and data flow to answer important questions like:

  • Where is our sensitive data?
  • Who has access to it?
  • What operations have they performed against it?

With DataGuard, cross-functional teams such as security operations, cloud security, compliance, and identity & access management, can enforce least privilege, sustain regulatory compliance, improve their data security posture, and outpace ever-growing data security risks and threats.

DataGuard Outcomes


  • Identify data stores, data objects, data flows and data operations, and identities and roles across your hybrid cloud and on-premise environment
  • Discover sensitive data, even where you didn’t know you had it
  • Understand who has access to which sensitive data in your on-premise and multi-cloud data stores 


  • Identify and lock down excessive and dormant access permissions and privileges to your data
  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure by reducing access to dormant data
  • Improve the security posture of your sensitive data and cloud data stores
  • Evaluate and harden controls around your most valuable asset, your data, with continuous compliance checks


  • Identify and investigate anomalous behavior based on granular data operations
  • Quickly identify violations of least privilege for data access to simplify zero trust strategies
  • Detect and control out of country data operations and maintain compliance with privacy regulations
  • Provide executive visibility to cloud data sprawl, identity life-cycle, zero-trust violations and sensitive data access 

Respond & Recover

  • Understand the data blast radius of compromised identities and other insider threats
  • Contain the impact of compromised identities with precision
  • Minimize the cost and risk of data exposure associated with cloud data stores
  • Reduce time to detect and remediate data security issues to minimize data breach cost

A Modern Approach to Data Security

Symmetry Systems DataGuard provides a modern approach to your organization’s Data Security Posture Management, arming security, compliance, and cloud teams with tools to protect your crown jewel–enterprise data–across hybrid cloud environments. With DataGuard, you can gain full visibility into the data security posture in under an hour and effectively identify risks from excessive permissions and anomalous data flows–all without having your data leaving the premises.

DataGuard - A Modern Data Security Posture Management Solution


Perform agentless scans of all data across AWS, Azure, GCP, and your on-premise cloud for a real-time snapshot or historical comparisons. DataGuard helps compliance and cloud migration teams identify sensitive data and where it resides. Getting compliant with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, etc. is simplified.



Gain visibility into the entire data landscape with a complete risk map without the need to deal with insights from DAM, DLP, CIEM, and other solutions individually. DataGuard surfaces sensitive, dormant, and over-privileged data objects, as well as anomalous data flows for cloud security and security operations teams to act on.

Detect & Respond

Drill down into unsafe data access behaviors and risky data operations detected by DataGuard, and get alerted to violations and potential data breaches. DataGuard enables security operations teams to prioritize the protection of sensitive data and build effective processes to reduce data breach risks.




Deploy least privilege permissions on identity and access management (IAM), cloud accounts, and data store access policies. Cloud security teams can adopt prioritized DataGuard recommendations to tighten access control to reduce blast radius of exploited identities.

Why DataGuard?

DataGuard Benefits

Data Security & Zero Trust

  • Visualize all data across cloud environments
  • Detect and alert on data leakage or spillage to insecure environments or users
  • Unearth and visualize cross account data flows
  • Understand data sprawl and data status
  • Understand and visualize data risk and security posture
  • Proactively manage access rights
  • Provide visual evidence for executive leadership of current security posture and data sprawl

Compliance & Privacy

  • Classify all data at the object level
  • Enact proper control of internal and external accounts
  • Achieve data store compliance per geographic or cloud location
  • Act on visual insights into “out of country” data operations and achieve regulatory compliance
  • Build processes to find and lock down permissions for over privileged users and vendors
  • Provide visual evidence of employee and vendor permission life-cycle

Proactive Data Focused Detection Response

  • Detect and alert on anomalous user and data behavior
  • Address the insider threat by reviewing customer data access and operations logs
  • Act on data blast radius during security incident investigations
  • Discover data objects and operations
  • Understand databases, access identities and their permissions
  • Continuously inspect and visualize security drift during and after security investigations 

Ready to secure your data with precision and scale?  

Stop chasing threats at your perimeter – know your data security posture and protect your mission critical data.

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Symmetry Named 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in DSPM

“Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard is best described with the term “data security posture management. Where traditional data security vendor products are focused on monitoring data loss at the perimeter of their cloud, Symmetry Systems’ DataGuard secures data as it moves about within the organization’s cloud, and can be deployed for on-premises or cloud workloads.  Symmetry Systems is bridging the gap between data security and identity and access management for multicloud architectures.”

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