Start with a sealed, read-only service in your cloud.

Point it at your data stores and fine-grained query logs.



A risk map for security architect with at-risk data objects and suggested interventions.

A detection-response service that marks anomalous data accesses and provides evidence for the alert.

Object-level access records as a service to prepare for SOC2, ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA audits.



Installed into your sealed environment, DataGuard learns data objects from SQL, NoSQL, and object stores. Constructs a large access control graph of all principals and objects in the system.

DataGuard provides a risk assessment of all data stores down to unique objects. Alerts with evidence based notifications during operations and equips infrastructure engineers with IAM protection recommendations.


When building a cybersecurity program, I start with the methodology I have developed in my twenty plus years in the industry: Focus first on the data, then the systems that data lives on, and then the identities that have access to the data and those systems.

Crossbeam is the world's first and largest partner ecosystem platform which allows our customers to sync their CRM data and discover overlaps with their partners to drive revenue. One of our values is "Trust is our business." To build that trust, we must build a secure platform for our customers.

After evaluating several vendors, Crossbeam selected Symmetry Systems’ platform DataGuard to protect and safeguard our customers' data in a system that I describe as “Data Store Detection and Response.” DSDR is like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for our data. Symmetry DataGuard ensures security for data flows among our AWS accounts, SREs, contractors, supply-chain services, and internet-accessible services. Additionally, Symmetry automates complex parts of compliance reporting related to cloud permissions and access to protected data.

With Symmetry Systems’ managed offering, we have developed a close working relationship with the Symmetry team that operates as an extension of our own Cybersecurity & Trust team.