Our Mission

Securing Data With Precision and Scale in Modern Enterprises


Help security teams guard large fleets of data stores and applications. Build data security into DevOps infrastructure. Enable developers to calmly navigate security and compliance even in highly regulated environments.

About Symmetry Systems

Modern businesses make their decisions based on data. Symmetry Systems believes that in order to secure businesses, their customers and their partners, a data first security approach needs to be pursued and adopted. Based on extensive and award winning research at the University of Texas at Austin, Symmetry Systems developed and brought to market DataGuard. 

DataGuard is the first hybrid-cloud data security posture management (DSPM) solution designed to extend the Zero Trust philosophy to protecting data, not just the technologies or users who access that data. DataGuard runs fully and securely in the customers’ cloud to ensure comprehensive control over data.

Modern security teams use DataGuard to gain a full understanding of their cloud data stores, data objects, access permissions, and using an evidence-based security approach to protect their business from data breaches, and to meet stringent compliance and privacy regulations. 

This lays the foundation for high-velocity modern cloud security outcomes by focusing teams on protecting their most important assets first: their sensitive and business-critical data.

Our Roadmap

DataGuard provides visibility required for strategic decision-making out of the box. We believe a holistic product is better than fragmented tools for classification, detection, and audit. Such fragmentation results in the hard work of data breach detection being left to security teams – straining personnel and risking oversights. Detection and response is a start — our team of scientists and engineers is productizing research in automated protection.

Privacy via anonymity techniques — using differential privacy for example — is very attractive for aggregate analysis. But there is a lot of science to be done to manage privacy-budgets and resistance to adversarial ML attacks. Privacy engineering will need to rest on a foundation of pervasive data firewalls that align policy with implementation across data stores. So we start with data firewalls.

We love privacy, security, and building infrastructure.

We believe that data privacy enables individuals to have agency over their future; and that data security has to be built-into infrastructure so that it can be protected and audited for contextual integrity.

We started with research into making security teams aware of users’ and developers’ contexts — e.g., software with HIPAA or GDPR compliance built-in to help healthcare move beyond clinics. DataGuard is the first, simplest step towards getting there. We are extremely lucky to bring our research to market with security and business leaders from Netflix, JASK, Figma, Mastercard, and Auth0 as close advisors.

We are hiring

If you like building infrastructure and like privacy and security, we’d love to share our work with you.

Our Team


Anne Marie Zettlemoyer
VP, Security Engg at Mastercard
Srinath Kuruvadi
Head of Cloud Infra Security at Netflix
Dev Akhawe
Dev Akhawe
Security at Figma
Bob Gleichauf
Bob Gleichauf
EVP, Global Technology at InQTel
Jon Gelsey
Former CEO of Auth0, Xnor.ai
HK Parekh
CISO, Five9
Rob Fry
CTO of Armorblox
Sameer Sait
CISO at Whole Foods/Amazon
Chris Finan
Chief Operating Officer at ActZero.ai
Mark Arnold
Strategic Advisor