Data Residency, Compliance, & Privacy

Embed Compliance Into Data Security Programs

Regardless of size, industry, or business model, all organizations rely on data to operate, make decisions, and grow. A key currency all organizations deal in is data. Organizations must collect data on their operations, finances, product offerings, employees, and their customers to excel. Protecting this data is paramount; and regulators and industry bodies continue to reinforce the basic requirement to protect this data. Organizations need solutions to strengthen their data security capabilities and data privacy protection capabilities. This is especially important as the volume of data collected by businesses increases exponentially year by year and as the regulatory environment becomes more and more complex. Investing in data security programs with embedded compliance is essential to meet the myriad of compliance regulations and industry standards and help to achieve growth, all while continuing to serve as trusted partners to customers, vendors, and third-parties. 

“Organizations need solutions to strengthen their data security posture management and data privacy protection capabilities.”


Enact Unmatched Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Complying with security and privacy regulations, industry standards, and even internal policy requirements can be challenging to do at scale. Organization’s are further hampered by their inability to fully see and control where their data is stored, what type of data is stored, where that data can flow to, who has access to the data, and how that data is being utilized.

Symmetry Systems DataGuard addresses these data security and data privacy challenges at their core to enable compliance at scale on each data object. DataGuard enables businesses to comply with regulations by providing compliance and privacy professionals with the tools to identify, analyze, validate, and monitor:

  • Data classifications
  • Data access patterns
  • Data storage geolocations
  • Data flows across environments and regions

This understanding allows organizations to ensure that consistent security policies are enforced regardless of where the data is, how it is used, or who is accessing it.


Moreover, DataGuard monitors user account access and pinpoints active, unknown, and dormant user identities. DataGuard arms privacy and compliance teams with complete control over managed identities and their levels of access, to ensure only the right users have the right permissions on a constant basis. DataGuard eases the pain of keeping track of external accounts and those belonging to vendors and third-parties, to enable teams to reduce the risk of threat actors laterally moving into a network with third-party credentials. DataGuard enables continuous monitoring against your compliance rules.

Use DataGuard to:

  • Pinpoint active, unknown, and dormant user identities.
  • Achieve complete control over identities and access levels.
  • Reduce the risks of threat actor lateral movement in networks.

Discover and Classify Data at the Object Level

Compliance and privacy isn’t feasible without knowing the answers to five core questions:

  • Where is our data?
  • What type of data do we have?
  • Who has access to the data?
  • How and where is our data being used?
  • How does the data flow through our environment?

Symmetry Systems DataGuard automatically classifies sensitive and regulated data and groups it in a logical fashion. With DataGuard, you have an end-to-end overview to visualize all of your data objects across your on-premise and cloud data stores. With this level of visibility, compliance and privacy teams can see precisely where their data is located, its geolocation, and what technologies or users can access the data in what way. DataGuard enables organizations to enforce consistent security policies, regardless of where the data is, how it is used, or who is accessing it. DataGuard educates your team on which steps to take to secure protected data in their respective geographies and how to ensure the data doesn’t flow out of those geographies.


Ensure Data Residency & Sovereignty

Compliance and privacy professionals struggle to ensure that their data stores are compliant with regional data residency, data localization, and data sovereignty regulations. This is further complicated by specific contractual requirements mandated by customers. An easy way not to comply with these regulations is by not monitoring if and how data moves across geographic boundaries and not taking quick and decisive corrective action.


With Symmetry Systems DataGuard, compliance and privacy employees can control regulated data, ensuring it is only stored in the appropriate jurisdictions and cannot flow out of those regions. DataGuard is able to detect and alert on out-of-region data operations. With alerts to improper cross-border data transfers, compliance and privacy professionals can put in place strong data sovereignty and protection practices to stay out of the crosshairs of regulatory authorities and provide evidence to support clean audits with a push of a button.

Pass Audits & Drive Proactive Customer Data Security

Without understanding where precisely regulated data such as personally identifiable information (PII), credit card information, controlled unclassified information, and other personal information is stored and who has access to it, businesses cannot comply with GDPR, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and other regulations and mandates. With Symmetry Systems DataGuard, compliance and privacy professionals can figure out at the push of a button where their regulated data is stored and what policy changes or technical changes they need to make to protect that data in accordance with the documented standards.

DataGuard provides:

  • Compliance audit capabilities.
  • Evidence to allow businesses to prove compliance with regulations.
  • Recommendations to proactively address gaps at the data object level.
Symmetry Systems DataGuard provides businesses with an end-to-end overview of their data security posture and their compliance and privacy posture against industry standards and regulations.
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Learn How DataGuard Can Help

Our customers use DataGuard to develop a complete understanding of:

  • What data they have.
  • Where it is located.
  • Who and what is entitled to it.
  • How it is secured.
  • In what manner it has been accessed.

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