Partner With Symmetry Systems

Symmetry Systems is focused on delivering joint data security solutions to businesses and federal agencies collaboratively with security consulting firms, managed service providers, and technology product companies.

Managed Service Providers and Security Consulting Firms

Symmetry Systems partners closely with managed service providers and security consulting firms to deliver modern data security centric service solutions. Our partner program is designed to help drive revenue growth by differentiating existing or expanding on professional security service offerings. By delivering “security from the data-out”, rather than from the perimeter in, MSSPs can continuously uncover new opportunities to better secure their client environments and exceed client expectations.

Symmetry Systems helps our partners’ grow their business and customer share of wallet, by quickly adding data security centric service offerings that protect their customers from third-party threats, vendor threats, IAM-based threats, and insider threats.

Technology Partners

Symmetry Systems works closely with a variety of cyber security and technology product organizations to enhance our customers ability to integrate data security posture management and data security centric security practices into their cyber security programs. Our DataGuard product includes a REST API that can integrate with a variety of technologies with ease. We develop new integrations based on customer needs and ability to integrate data security into daily cyber security, compliance & privacy, and data security operations.

Our current technology partnerships include:

Symmetry Systems Partner Program Benefits

Our partners find that DataGuard, our innovative data security posture management (DSPM) solution, allows services teams to find and remediate security issues for their customers in initial engagements in addition to providing long term value across the client security lifecycle. Our partners collaboratively grow their businesses with Symmetry Systems across many customer security needs.

New Revenue Opportunities

  • Data security as a service
  • Data management as a service
  • Expanded SOC capabilities
  • Zero Trust and data risk assessments across public cloud data stores
  • Least privilege and zero trust services engagements

Lowering the Cost of Service Delivery

  • Automate tedious manual data security processes to reduce scare resource demands
  • Visualize data security gaps and threats with graphical dashboards and drill downs, rather than review of log files
  • Automate investigation of user and data activity
  • Built in activity reports for weekly summaries and clear client communication

Acquiring New Customers

  • Graphical evidence of cloud security challenges for Zero Trust and least privilege engagements
  • Visual evidence for executive engagement
  • Board level data reporting capabilities
  • Cloud data security evaluations
  • Pre-configured WAR, SOC 2, PII, PCI non-compliance alerts
  • Real-time security risk profiling

New Services Opportunities

  • Zero Trust / digital transformation strategy and roadmap development
  • Data risk / Zero Trust assessments
  • Data visualization and assessments
  • Individual data security insight reports
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) architectural design
  • IAM and Least Privilege optimization
  • Cloud migrations / data sprawl discovery
  • AWS Well Architected Reviews
  • Compliance requirements evaluation and evidence documentation
  • Post breach investigations, root cause determination, and data compromise assessment
  • CIO, CISO, and board data security presentations
  • Identity and access management fortification, tracking and alerting
  • Continuous detection and response for data risks

Joint Go-to-market Benefits

  • Product demonstrations
  • Deal registration protection
  • Product & sales training
  • Marketing resources
  • Pre-sales support
  • Post-sales support
  • Lead referrals
  • Joint marketing campaigns