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How to secure Microsoft Copilot & Gen AI

July 10, 1:00 pm Eastern Time

As organizations rapidly adopt Microsoft Copilot and other generative AI agents, securing these powerful technologies becomes paramount. This webinar explores the unique security challenges posed by AI-powered assistants and provides practical data security strategies for their safe implementation. A particular focus will be on how AI-powered assistants can inadvertently expose and magnify IAM misconfigurations, potentially leading to data breaches and security incidents.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why traditional security measures may fall short in protecting against AI-specific threats
  • How Microsoft Copilot and generative AI tools can expose and amplify existing IAM vulnerabilities
  • Which security controls are most effective for safeguarding Microsoft Copilot and other generative AI tools
  • How to implement Data+AI aware monitoring and posture management to identify potential misuse or data leakage.

*Plus get a $25 Uber Eats gift card for attending during Lunch!

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