Get Your Data Security Posture Management Map

Quickly uncover data at risk and over-privileged users.


DataGuard is straightforward to install  - agentless SaaS in your cloud - and quickly provides security teams with powerful insights.


Learn How it Works

Install DataGuard in your hybrid cloud environment – it will take under an hour to generate your custom Data Security Posture Map. You will be invited to join a 60-minute readout session, where the Symmetry team will review your Data Security Posture Map report. This report will include things like top identities at risk, dormant data, cross account data flows, etc.

Gain Full Visibility of Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Take a glance at account access, data stores, and operations in your environment. Is it expected or completely surprising? Your Data Security Posture Map will provide you with unprecedented visibility of unknown risk exposure – what and to what degree.

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See Your Data Security Posture Score

You will receive your Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) score. Understand your data security posture evaluated across 6 risk factors.

Answer Simple, yet Critical, Data Security Questions

A detailed insight report comes as part of the Data Security Posture Map assessment. Get specific remediation recommendations on risks associated with data stores, data objects, and identity and access. Implementing the remediation recommendations improves your data security posture.